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Pearled Barley - jau

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Consuming barley has benefits for the heart, blood pressure, and bones. It may be useful in maintaining a healthy weight and provides a high percentage of an individual’s daily requirement of manganese and selenium. Thanks to barley’s versatility, it is easy to incorporate into meals.

Recipe ideas

We love how you can whip up the most amazing dishes with this healthy whole grain. Take a look at this delicious vegan barley wild rice cranberry pilaf recipe. This dish is ready in under one hour! Another tasty recipe, which is also ready in under one hour, is this barley and mushroom pilaf recipe. (If you’d like to make this recipe and you need some nutritional yeast, we’ve got you covered! Order yours here.)

This hearty bean and barley soup recipe is also delicious and so versatile. We also love this tomato and barley soup recipe!

Our absolute favourite is this barley breakfast delight. Your breakfast game will never be the same! This breakfast made with cooked barley, spices and some sugar makes a healthy, low fat, filling porridge. Add some cranberries and perhaps even drizzle with our Vegan Brownie Butter Drizzle by Macro Mixes. You’re welcome…