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Outcast Foods Activated Burger Premix

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Our whole-food activated burger mix packs a unique and punchy taste. Created with lentils, chickpeas and a carefully crafted blend of herbs and spices. Make the patties any size/shape you wish. This mix can also be used as a great mice substitute and makes a great veggie bolognese.

A box will make 4 large burgers. There are two sachets so you don't have to make the whole lot at once. A sachet makes two burgers.

Outcast Foods creates easy-to-prepare healthy and yummy plant-based meals. We create instant whole-food pre-mixes, but we don’t believe in shortcuts. Our pulses are activated to increase nutrient absorption and we use only whole foods. So no gluten, fillers, preservatives or additives. Just pure quality ingredients where natural flavours are brought to life.

Outcast Foods is based on four principles

Delicious * Healthy * Easy to prepare * Plant-based