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Jasmine White Rice

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At Shop Zero™ we love helping you create your plastic-free pantry. How do you create a plastic-free pantry? It’s easy – refill your own jars at home by decanting from our brown paper bags that we’ll ship your Jasmine White Rice in. Trust us, it feels so much better than decanting from plastic packets! We would love to fill your pantry with the best zero waste goodies and help you divert plastic from our landfills. Not in Cape Town? We deliver to any address in South Africa and offer free shipping.

Let’s get back to the rice… Not only is Jasmine White Rice great for Asian dishes, but it is also the perfect base for ultra-nourishing stews and roasts, as well as stir-fries or as a side dish. Jasmine rice is commonly used in Thailand and we just love Thai food’s distinctive aroma, depth and layers of flavour. Coconut milk is another must have ingredient if you’re cooking Thai.

Care instructions

Rinse well before use. Store your Jasmine White Rice in an airtight container.