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INDIKAAP Ayurvedic Kitchari Pack

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Considered the most healing food in Ayurveda, Kitchari is one of the most balancing, digestible, nourishing and complete meals possible. This balanced meal (with all three macronutrients: protein, fats and carbs) can also be used during cleanses to give your system a break to restore and heal itself because it’s so easy to digest. This convenient pack makes it easy to give the body, mind and soul an important opportunity to rest, recuperate, and repair themselves.

Michele Mistry, chef and owner of INDIKAAP, crafted this Kitchari pack to take the guesswork out of making a simple yet flavourful Kitchari. It contains long grain Basmati rice and split mung dhal, with cooling spices to reset your gut. No need to find a recipe, just rinse the contents thoroughly, add to a pot and bring to a boil. Can also be cooked in an Instapot or pressure cooker.

What is a Kitchari cleanse?

To do a Kitchari cleanse one eats a mono-diet of Kitchari for three to 21 days. As it is so easily digested, Kitchari is given to all ayurvedic patients who need to give their systems a break to restore and heal themselves. It is also wonderful to do a Kitchari cleanse to prepare for a new season by clearing toxins, processed foods, unresolved emotions and psychological stress from the body and mind.

Unlike other fasting cleanses you can eat enough Kitchari to feel satisfied during your cleanse, leaving your body nourished. Michele is a Certified Ayurvedic Nutritionist, practicing via consultations in Cape Town. She also offers guided cleanses where she will coach you through a 7 day process while you retreat, to the comfort of your home. Get in touch with her here, but remember to please consult your doctor before beginning any new diet. Be sure to also have a look-see at INDIKAAP’s delicious vegan bottled products available for purchase here. Make a delicious Cashew Nut Satay Stir Fry with her Cashew Nut Satay Cook-in Sauce or whip up a vegan Butter Chicken, but without the ‘butter’ and without the ‘chicken’.