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El Burro Organic Rainbow Corn Chips

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El Burro’s tortilla chips are made with heirloom Mexican organic corn. This healthy crunchy snack does not contain any GMOs, MSG, TBHQ or preservatives.

Their rainbow corn chips are made from multi-coloured heirloom varieties sourced in Mexico. Indigenous cultures of pre-Hispanic Mexico first developed the process of nixtamalization – where corn is soaked in an alkaline solution from lime stone. This helps to break down the hull of corn kernels and unlock the true nutritional potential and rich fibre of the corn. It also enables the corn to be ground into a dough called masa, from which traditional tortillas and tortilla chips are made.

El Burro Mercado uses traditional volcanic stone grinders to mill their nixtamalized corn which is free from any colouring or palm oil. These delicious, gluten-free corn chips are also vegan-friendly. Try out El Burro’s organic white corn chips here.