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Crunchy Roasted Chickpea Chyps – Cheese & Onion

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There are so many flavours to make, and the chickpea experts, Cheaky Co have been experimenting with them all, but they’re only satisfied if they get it just right. Trust us when we say this flavour is the bomb!

Introducing their next flavour of Chyps… Say hello to a true South African old school classic, Cheese & Onion (vegan friendly of course)! With intense cheesy notes coupled with a hit of onion to round out the flavour, these Chyps are their absolute best yet. We’re confident they’ll be a huge hit with your taste buds and they would also go perfectly with an icy drink on a hot day.

This delectably healthy snack tastes just like the “real” thing, but instead of using traditional potato chips or corn nibs, Cheaky Co uses high-fiber, protein-packed chickpeas along with a combination of carefully blended seasonings and spices to keep you salivating.

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Their third range, called Chunx, is also available for purchase here. They’re delightfully delicious, dry-roasted and dark chocolate coated (coconut infused) chickpea clusters. These delectable beauties are guaranteed to make you want another, and another and…

Why purchase these snacks?

Their entire line of products is gluten and preservative-free, and also free from dairy making it ideal for strict vegans. In a modest Cape Town kitchen, they started their journey in 2019 by experimenting with different ways to use chickpeas. Observing that nothing noteworthy had yet been done with this most humble of legumes, they believe they had uncovered a market niche: a business that provided healthier, nutrient-dense chickpea snacks that were made with only the finest and healthiest ingredients.

Cheaky Co believes in doing their part for the world and giving back to their local community in Cape Town. They donate to charity, abstain from using any ingredients or goods derived from animals in their operations, and utilizes recyclable and plant-based packaging and materials whenever possible.