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Brown Sugar

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Otherwise referred to as raw sugar, brown sugar is that sugar whose production does not involve refining processes. Consumption of brown sugar has been established to improve blood circulation, enhance digestion and increase the production of blood cells. Brown sugar has been used for decades as a remedy for colds by being added into boiling water containing ginger slices, which is then drunk to treat both cold symptoms and constipation.

Why shop at a zero waste store? If you buy your brown sugar from Shop Zero™ it comes in a brown paper bag, instead of plastic. We are here to assist you in making your house a plastic-free sanctuary and help preserve our planet for future generations! The other amazing advantage of shopping at zero waste stores is if you don’t usually use sugar at home, but need some for a once-off recipe, you can buy 100g of our brown sugar instead of a whole 1kg or 2kg bag. This way zero waste stores not only help reduce plastic waste, but food waste too.