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Brown Lentils - dal

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Brown lentils are a highly nutritious food, rich in minerals and fiber. They are low in calories, high in iron and folate and a great source of protein. Lentils include the dietary fiber, copper, phosphorus and manganese that you cannot get from meat, and just 1.5 cups of lentils have the same amount of protein as an 85g chicken breast.

Consuming plant-based foods of all kinds is associated with a reduced risk of many lifestyle-related health conditions and a substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Plastic Free Shipping

Your brown lentils will be packaged in a recycled paper bag. It is fully biodegradable and recyclable as long as it does not contain any remaining food in it. Since energy was still required to create the bag, we’d really like to ask all customers to reuse their paper bags at least three times to decrease their carbon footprint.